Trusts Articles

2023.09.27 ... Offshore Trusts And The Good Debtor Versus Bad Debtor Debate

2023.08.16 ... Contempt For Attempting To Nullify Gifts To A Revocable Trust In Winget

2022.07.14 ... Settlor Of Belize Trust Who Would Not Turn Over CBOE Stock To Ex-Wife Sent To Jail In Marriage Of Harnack

2022.07.11 ... Debtor’s Revocation Of Trust Allows Creditors A Window To Assets In Winget

2021.08.18 ... The Complex Trust Is Simply The Criminal Tax Evasion Device Known As The Pure Trust Repackaged

2019.08.18 ... California Creditors Can Execute Against 100% Of Mandatory Trust Distributions In Blech

2019.06.27 ... California Child Support Order Not Enforced Against South Dakota Trust In Cleopatra

2019.06.22 ... New York Trust Not Subject To North Carolina Tax Because of In-State Beneficiaries In Kaestner

2019.04.15 ... Third-Party -Created Trust May Be A Self-Settled Trust And Included In Bankruptcy Estate In Cyr Case

2018.05.13 ... Georgia Governor Vetoes Domestic Asset Protection Trust Legislation

2018.05.12 ... Bankruptcy Trustee's Compromise With Offshore Trust Fails To Win Court Approval In Olson

2018.04.20 ... Georgia Legislature Snookered Into Passing Legislation To Cause Investment Flight From Georgia

2018.03.05 ... Alaska Supreme Court Hammers Last Nail In DAPT Coffin For Use In Non- DAPT States In Toni 1 Trust

2017.07.08 ... Two Ancient English Statutes And A Dispute Over Modern Voidable Transactions Law

2017.05.09 ... Distributions Due Or Made From A California Spendthrift Trust Available To Creditors In Carmack

2016.06.26 … Bellinger The Sequel: Poor Advocacy And Bad Rulings Lead To A Big Mess

2015.09.30 ... QPRT Deemed Revocable And Fails To Protect Home In Ferrante

2015.06.27 ... Living Trust Loses To Creditors In Lewiston

2015.05.25 ... Estate Planning Bar Breathes Sigh Of Relief As Castellano Gets Turned Around

2015.04.24 ... Nevada Dynasty Trusts Strike Gold In Perpetuities in Bullion Monarch

2015.02.15 ... Utah Supreme Court Decides Conflict-Of-Laws Issue In Revoking Dahl

2015.01.28 ... Lenders Beware! Notice Of The Borrower's Trust Planning Can Start A Statute of Limitations Running

2015.01.26 ... A Short History Of Asset Protection Trust Law

2014.08.23 ... Power of Appointment Causes Bankruptcy Estate Inclusion in Behan

2014.08.18 ... Delaware Anti-Suit Injunction Nixed As To Dynasty Trust In Kloiber

2014.08.11 ... Trust Beneficiary Checkmated By Bankruptcy Code 548(e) In Castellano

2014.05.31 ... Foreign Asset Protection Trust Scores A Victory In Bellinger

2014.02.25 ... AsiaTrust Gets Hauled Into The California Courts

2013.11.20 ... The Trust Protector Idea Isn't Just For Trusts

2013.10.28 ... The Trust Protector As Fiduciary, And Why Maybe That Is A Bad Idea

2013.07.10 ... Why Dahl Doesn't Support The Viability Of Domestic Asset Protection Trusts

2013.05.31 ... Are Special Power of Appointment Trusts And Hybrid Trusts 'Similar Devices' To Self-Settled Trusts?

2013.05.22 ... Domestic Asset Protection Trust Blows Up Bigger Than Alaska In Huber Case

2013.05.11 ... Tenth Circuit Affirms Fraudulent Transfer Judgment Against Debtor's Wife And Her Cook Islands Trust

2013.05.10 ... Discussion Of Offshore Trusts Leads To Asset Freeze In Las Vegas

2013.04.27 ... Will Declaratory Judgment Actions Be The Savior Of Domestic Asset Protection Trusts? Probably Not

2013.04.25 ... The One Foreign Asset Protection Trust 'Win' Turns Out To Be A Dud

2012.12.25 ... Zukerkorn -- Possible Bad News For Domestic Asset Protection Trusts In Conflict-Of-Laws Dispute

2012.11.30 ... Yerushalmi - Old And Cold QPRT Stands Up To Alter Ego Challenge In Bankruptcy Adversary Proceeding

2012.11.29 ... Rush University -- Transfers To A Cook Island Trust Held Per Se Fraudulent By Illinois Supreme Court

2012.08.25 ... Trust Protectors -- What They Are And Why Probably Every Trust Should Have One

2012.07.16 ... Thomas: Pre-Bankruptcy Exemption Planning Survives And An IRA Is A Self-Settled Trust Or Similar Device

2012.04.30 ... Salahi: Control Over Trust Assets Neuters Spendthrift Trust Provisions In Virginia Bankruptcy Case

2012.04.02 ... Weitz: New York Superior Court Holds That It Has Jurisdiction Over A Cook Islands Trustee For Fraudulent Transfers

2011.12.28 ... The Real McCoy: Living Trust Provides Spendthrift Protection To Assets Of Beneficiary In Bankruptcy

2011.12.26 ... Kornman : The Impossibility Defense and the Self-Created Impossibility Exception

2011.12.13 ... Cutter: Too Much Control And Right To Access Neuters California Irrevocable Spendthrift Trust As An Asset Protection Trust

2011.11.22 ... Quaid Redux: Original Settlor's Power To Revoke Protects Assets In Florida Trust

2011.11.15 ... Easy Chart Regarding Effectiveness Of Asset Protection Trusts

2011.10.23 ... Smith: Cook Islands Asset Protection Trust Results In Special Circumstances Allowing Less-Than-Three Creditors Involuntary Bankruptcy Petition

2011.10.19 ... Mortensen: Alaska Asset Protection Trust Funded By Solvent Settlor Completely Fails To Protect Assets In Bankruptcy Against Future Creditors

2011.08.1 ... As An Asset Protection Trust, Henry's Trust Was A Notable Failure

2011.07.22 ... Hawaii Updates Its Domestic Asset Protection Trust Legislation -- Should You Care?